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kms California


KMS updates the product assortment to create "product globalization": one look, one voice, worldwide. The first brand claim is introduced: KMS "Works with Style."

KMS Add Volume 1

Increases volume, body and fullness.

KMS Color Vitality

Color retention and vibrancy for color treated hair.

KMS Add Volume 2

Increases volume, body and fullness.

KMS Curl Up

Curl enhancement, control and definition for natural curls or waves.

KMS Free Shape

Unlimited, long-lasting transformation with hot tools.

KMS Hair Play

Freeform texture and pliability.

KMS Head Remedy

Scalp relief for special scalp needs.

KMS Hair Stay

Style retention and durability.

KMS Moist Repair

Moisture and repair for dry or damaged hair.

KMS Silk Sheen

Instant shine for a natural, polished and effortless style.

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